WeldCor Supplies North is a locally owned and operated (Prince George, BC) consumer direct wholesale supplier for welding consumables/gases, propane, equipment rentals & sales, filler metals (stainless steel, nickel alloys, chrome-moly, hardfacing, mild steel) safety and industrial supplies in Prince George, BC.
WeldCor and our experienced team are small enough to deal with you personally and large enough to be more than competitive.
WeldCor North is a subsidiary company of WeldCor Canada and we are proud to have Indigenous Peoples ownership. Our subsidiary companies are up to 50% Indigenous Peoples owned and a total employment of approx. 15-20% of all WeldCor employees are Indigenous Peoples.



1. WeldCor North was founded in 2013 a subsidiary of WeldCor Canada Est 1997.
• Structured environment supplier with modern product tracking software on industrial gases & rentals to streamline supply productivity
• Northern Dealer for Red-D-Arc Welderentals.  https://www.red-d-arc.com/products.aspx North America’s largest fleet of Welding & Welding-related (Power Generator/Portable Light Towers) rental/lease products.  Arriving On-Site Weld-Ready
• Partnered with all major Filler-Metal Manufactures & Manufacturing Mills. Supplying Actual product MTRs & Weld Procedure assistants for efficient Mill to site supply
2. Turn Around, Shut Down & Capital Projects – On Site Consignment Inventory
• Portable C-Can On-Site VMI Consignment Inventory
• Major Projects, Turn Around & Capital Project Welding Supplies & Filler Metal Supply Partner

3. WeldCor North is proud to supply Industrial Gases to Northern, BC Industry Leaders

• Contractors  
• Fabrication, Manufacturing & Maintenance Shops
• Drilling 
• Trucking
• Wood Pellet Fuel Plant 
• Hydrogen Peroxide Plant
• Sawmills 
• Hydroelectric Facilities
• Mining 

4. Using TrackAbout Cylinder Tracking Software

• Industrial Cylinder Gases, Propane, Specialty Gases & Bulk Gases
• TrackAbout Cylinder Tracking Software   www.corp.trackabout.com

5. WeldCor Canada & WeldCor Subsidiaries are aligned to Maximize Supply & Demand
• Industry Leading Pricing on Filler Metals (sole wholesaler and mill direct rep for Canada’s only stainless steel and nickel mill
• Distributor for Filler Metal Manufactures:
1. Hobart
2. Bohler / Avesta / UTP
3. Lincoln Electric (Techalloy)
5. Central Wire
6. Hyundai Welding
7. Unibraze
• Competitive Welding Equipment Pricing – Miller, Lincoln, ESAB, Red-D-Arc