Flex-A-Prene® Industrial Welding Cable

Flex-A-Prene® Industrial Welding Cable

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Industrial Welding Cable

Direct Wire's Flex-A-Prene® is the industry’s most recognized brand name of industrial welding cable. Highly durable and versatile, the cable is designed for use in stingers/whips, leads, and ground clamp welding assemblies as well as battery applications such as chargers and wire harnesses. Flex-A-Prene is SAE J1127 (#6 to 250 MCM) and RoHS compliant and manufactured in the USA.

  • Rope-lay, bunch-stranded 30 AWG SAE copper conductor
  • Wrapped paper separator
  • Jacketed with proprietary LSHF EPDM compound
  • Conductors - Rope-lay, bunch-stranded 30 AWG SAE copper conductor
  • Voltage Rating - 600 V
  • Separator - Wrapped paper separator
  • Insulation & Jacket - Jacketed with proprietary low-smoke, halogen-free EPDM compound
  • Resistance Properties - Resistant to abrasion, battery acid, diesel fuel, engine coolant, engine oil, ethanol, extreme temperatures, flame, gasoline, power-steering fluid, and transmission fluid
  • Temperature Range - -50°C (-58°F) to 105°C (221°F)


Available Lengths
  • Coils/Assemblies at 25’, 50’, 100’, and 250’
  • Reels at 500', 1,000', and 2,500'
  • Custom lengths available upon request