HOBART Fabshield® XLR-8 ™ Self-Shielded Flux-Cored Wire - 33# SPOOL

HOBART Fabshield® XLR-8 ™ Self-Shielded Flux-Cored Wire - 33# SPOOL

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HOBART Fabshield® XLR-8 ™

Self-Shielded Wires, Carbon Steel, All Position

A5.20: E71T-8JD-H8; A5.36: E71T8-A4-CS3-DH8

For those applications requiring all position capability with low temperature impacts. Designed for use outside


• Welds out of position at high currents • Increases productivity • Low hydrogen weld deposit • Provides increased resistance to cracking, promotes X-ray quality welds • Excellent slag removal • Increases productivity, minimizes risk of slag entrapment • No shielding gas required • Suitable for welding outdoors without sheltering • High impact strength at low temperatures • Resists cracking in severe applications • Excellent mechanical properties within a • Usable under AWS D1.8 for use on Demand Critical welds wide range of heat inputs


Typical Applications

Single or multiple pass applications, XLR8 requires no shielding gas



Structural Steel, Shipbuilding, Bridge Construction, Offshore Rigs


Welding Positions




• AWS A5.20, E71T-8JD H8

• AWS A5.20M, E491T-8JD H8

• AWS A5.36, E71T8-A4-CS3-DH8

• ASME SFA 5.20, E71T-8JD H8

• CWB, E491T8-A4-CS3-H8 (E491T-8J-H8)


**Pricing Includes Manufacture Steel Surcharges**